Do You Need Another Boiler, or Do You Need a Steam Generator?

Steam generators use a single coil to produce steam that you can use in your industrial facility. They have the same purpose as steam boilers but are built differently. They have a number of benefits, and it may be smart to install a steam generator instead of an additional boiler if your current boiler is not producing the capacity you need.

Small Spaces

Steam generators can be big, of course, but as a whole, they're smaller than boilers. If you need additional steam generation but just don't have the space to accommodate another boiler, the steam generator is an appropriate choice. And, even if you can find boilers that are small enough to fit into the space you have, the steam generators have additional advantages that make them better than boilers if all you're trying to do is increase the amount of steam you can generate and use.

On-demand Use

The smaller steam generators are constructed more simply than boilers, so the processes to start them up and use them are a lot simpler and faster than they are with boilers. This makes them great for use where they have to be started up quickly and without a lot of planning. This makes them great for backup use in case the main boiler fails or becomes unexpectedly overwhelmed with demand. It helps to have a steam generator or two at the ready, even if they aren't in use all the time.

Smaller Capacity, Though

One reason why steam generators tend to be used as additional generators rather than in place of the main boiler is that the smaller generators just don't have as much capacity as the larger boilers. You'd likely need a lot more steam generators if you wanted to replace a more conventional steam boiler. If your facility is sorely lacking in steam generation capacity, you need to take a look at how much more you need. If you need to double or triple the amount of steam you can use, another boiler might be best. But if you just need a boost in steam production in certain areas of your facility, smaller steam generators could be perfect.

Steam generators are so versatile that having one (or two) as a backup or auxiliary steam production method can be a very good idea. Determine why you want more steam produced and where the new equipment could go in order to find a steam generator for your needs.

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