7 Industrial Filtration Applications for Custom Wire Mesh

One of the most common applications for custom wire mesh is to improve filtration. There are many filtration applications for which custom wire mesh can be used. The following are seven filtration applications you may need to use custom wire mesh for at your industrial facilities. 

1. Filtering contaminants out of oil and gas

The use of crude oil and gas is ubiquitous in industry. Oil and gas need to be properly filtered to keep contaminants out and thereby ensure proper functioning in machinery running on such fuels. Custom wire mesh is therefore commonly used in processing oil and gas. 

2. Keeping contaminants out of refined chemical compound products

Custom wire mesh is essential in the chemical industry to prevent the contamination of refined chemical products. Preventing contamination with small-micron custom wire mesh helps to prevent damaging chemical reactions from occurring that are caused by contamination and can cause quality issues or safety hazards in chemical products. 

3. Treating water

Pure water that is free from contamination is essential in many areas of industry. Custom wire mesh is typically needed for water treatment. Mesh strainers made from wire mesh are used to remove both chemical and biological contaminants from water. 

4. Filtering according to temperature

Colder substances tend to be less dense than warmer substances. This makes it so that extremely fine custom wire mesh is sometimes used to filter from high to low temperatures within a liquid substance. 

5. Keeping insects out of industrial products or operations

Custom wire mesh is ideal for keeping insects and other biological pests out of industrial facilities or away from chemical substances used in industrial processes. Filtering insects or keeping wildlife out of facilities is another great way to use custom wire mesh.

6. Protecting machinery

Custom wire mesh is sometimes placed around industrial machinery to protect it from impact damage. Custom wire mesh can provide security at industrial facilities. Custom mesh can be a low-cost material for putting up fencing around industrial facilities while allowing for airflow and visibility. 

7. Filtering sunlight

Custom wire mesh is not only put into use to provide filtration for liquid substances. It is also often used in industrial applications where natural light could be damaging to substances. Especially fine custom wire mesh can be effective at keeping natural light out while also allowing airflow through. Custom wire mesh is often also used in architecture to produce solar screens that provide certain desired visual effects.  

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