7 Mistakes to Avoid That Could Slow Down the Progress of a Pipeline Construction Project

If you need to have pipeline construction work done, it's important to avoid delays that could throw off your company's schedule. Delayed project completion could detract from the profitability of your industrial operations.

The following are seven mistakes to avoid that could slow down the progress of your pipeline construction project. 

1. Failing to plan out pipeline design in enough detail

The design stage is essential in getting off on the right track. It's important to do your research and find a contractor with the expertise to create an efficient design that will meet your needs. It's also important to carefully research materials and pipeline location. Numerous factors need to be thoroughly analyzed in the design phase including pressure gradient calculations, operational velocity, and pump selection.

Carefully handling these calculations and design concerns means not only a smoother construction process but also effective functioning of the pipeline after the pipeline is completed and put in service.

2. Miscalculating costs

Large-scale construction projects like pipeline construction often can become delayed due to funding issues. That's why it's essential to have total project expenses calculated accurately. It's also important to budget for the project effectively so that work won't have to be paused due to a funding shortage. 

3. Making changes to your contract after construction begins

Achieving a good design before construction begins is important because changes to the design and/or contract after construction begins can really slow down progress. If you want pipeline construction to stay on target, don't finalize any contract details until you're certain no changes will be necessary. 

4. Switching contractors after construction begins

It's important to stick with your pipeline construction contractor. Thoroughly research contractors who can handle the project. Switching contractors midway through a project will lead to delays and increased expenses. 

5. Neglecting safety precautions

Worksite accidents will slow down the progress of a pipeline project and could lead to severe injuries among staff. That's why it's essential to prioritize safety throughout the project. Work together closely with your pipeline construction contractor to ensure that you're taking all necessary safety precautions. 

6. Failing to clearly set out a deadline for project completion

Before you sign a contract, make sure that the contractor you're working with has committed to a deadline for the project in question. This way, you can plan and have a good idea of when your pipeline will be ready to go into operation. 

7. Not taking advantage of available technologies

You should be aware of all the most recent innovations in pipeline design and construction during the planning stages of your project. Some innovations to look into include 3D modeling for pipeline design, virtual reality technologies that help with project development, and construction management software geared toward pipeline projects. These technologies could improve the design process and speed up construction. 

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