3 Benefits Of Using A Steam Generator Over A Steam Boiler To Produce Energy

A steam generator is a different sort of machine from a steam boiler. In most cases, your manufacturing plant probably already has several steam boilers. They are pretty common, but they are also very large machines that take up a lot of space. If you find a steam generator for sale, you should consider making the swap for one of your factory's immense steam boilers. Here are three benefits of steam generators to convince you that such a swap is a good idea.  

1. Steam Generators Only Take up a Third of the Space

Steam generators are significantly smaller in size. They are only about a third of the size of a steam boiler. Imagine what you could do with all of that extra space if you could convert all of the boilers to generators. You may just have more room for additional equipment in your plant. 

2. Steam Generators Generate Energy Far More Efficiently

Steam generators have a single water coil through which water is forced, and the water only makes a single pass through the coil to become steam. The steam generates energy with close to 95% efficiency when compared to their steam cousins the boilers. That is quite an impressive amount of energy, to be sure. Better still, the water used and steam produced leaves no waste and leaves nothing behind. The boiler, on the other hand, always has to keep spinning and circling remnants of what was left from the last energy cycle. 

3. Steam Generators Require Less Steel and Less Time to Build

Should you decide to replace all of your plant's steam boilers with steam generators, you will be happy to know that steam generators also require less steel to manufacture. That means recycled steel can easily replace much of the steel that goes into making the steam generators. If you take all of the steam boilers out of your plant, send them to a steel recycling plant, and then all of that steel is used to make steam generators, you could get two or three steam generators out of every boiler you send to the recycling plant. 

Since steam generators require so much less steel, they are also built faster. In the time it takes to remove the boilers from your plant, recycle all of the steel, and turn it into steam generators, an entire replacement set of generators are built. You could have this set of generators installed before your boilers are even turned into more generators.

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