Three Common Gate Types To Consider For Your Industrial Facility

Gates serve important purposes at industrial facilities. They can offer security while also making it easier to track who is coming and going from the facility.

A gate at an industrial facility can provide an important first impression of your company. As such, it's important for industrial facility managers and owners to find the right type of gate for the location.

There are a few different gate designs to choose from to help you secure and manage your facility. The following are three common gate types that are often chosen for industrial facilities:

The pivot gate

Pivot gates are most often chosen in situations where gates need to regulate foot traffic as opposed to vehicle or forklift traffic. Pivot gates are designed similar to turnstiles so that one side of the gate will open while the other side closes.

Pivot gates typically will only allow one individual to enter the facility at a time. This can help to slow down foot traffic and also ensure that unauthorized individuals are not getting into a facility.

Some pivot gates are designed to be one-sided for situations where space is especially limited.

The swing gate

Swing gates are opened by being pulled outward or inward. They are ideal in situations where gates need to be closed quickly. The spring-load design of many swing gates makes it so that the gate will naturally close as soon as the gate door is released. 

Swing gates are also good in situations where traffic needs to be carefully controlled. It's not easy to allow numerous pieces of machinery to enter through a swing gate opening at the same time.

Swing gates can help to prevent bottlenecks in production at industrial facilities because they limit the speed with which materials can be brought out to the facility's production floor.

The sliding gate

Sliding gates will open more slowly than swing gates. They need to be moved to the side rather than pulled outwards or inwards like swing gates.

Slide gates are ideal in situations where there is no room out in front or behind the gate opening for the gate closure to be swung. They are therefore highly efficient with space and are ideal for tight spots where there is not a lot of room. 

Sliding gates are often chosen for the entryways of industrial facilities. They work well if there is an immediate slope where the gate is located that might impede the movement of a swing gate. 

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