Boiler Repairs: Are They Needed?

Without your boiler, winter months would be unbearable. However, many people fail to take notice of various boiler situations which could signal a need for assessment or repairs. Without specialized boiler knowledge, it's to be expected that you may not know the best time to call in expert assistance; these issues could mean you've got boiler or related problems.


Noise is a common issue for many boilers and often, owners consider that normal. That's because they move into apartments or homes where noise has always been associated with the appliance. However, a good functioning boiler isn't supposed to be giving off sounds, even though it may work for some time without failing. Noise is perhaps the earliest sign that further investigation is needed or repairs are required.

Hissing is a sound that many boilers produce as they work. In some cases, minor leaks are the cause; these probably need fixing before serious leaks destroy your floor and make the boiler less effective. If gurgling is the recurrent noise your appliance is making, temperature and other problem may be present.

Shaky Pilot Light

Pilot lights should be unwavering and strong. However, air drafts can blow past the flame, causing a flicker; this is a danger because the pilot light could die altogether. If that happens, you must light it immediately to keep the boiler working and prevent gas leakage. You might not want to keep monitoring the light every moment so if you see wavering, shakiness and flickering, that should lead to a call to a contractor. Lime or other mineral buildup could be on the burner and needs scraping away. The pilot mechanism itself could be faulty and the contractor may need to install a new one.

Inadequate Heat

Even if the boiler seems to be just fine, you might have radiators that never warm right. There could be clogs or other problems in the pipes which lead from the boiler to radiator components; this problem needs professional care or chemical flushing. If that's unsuccessful, more in-depth work is done to identify the trouble.

Boilers may seem like simple machines, but they have components which must be maintained properly. If these issues or others concern you, contact a boiler repair professional. Their assessments and advice are valuable; repairs can happen quickly or in some cases, be planned out to accommodate your budget. Contractors can also teach maintenance tasks that will support the boiler over time

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