Three Types Of Film Cores And Why You May Prefer One Over The Others

Film cores are those inner tubes around which various types of film are wound. When you produce a lot of plastic film, you want to be sure that consumers are able to remove the  film all the way down to the tube. There are three kinds of tubes, or cores, you can use for plastic wrap. You may find that one core in particular is better for plastic wrap than the others.

Cardboard Cores

Cardboard is the go-to core for just about any rolled consumer product. For paper and aluminum foil, it does just fine. for plastic cling wrap, not so much. The cling wrap often gets stuck on the cardboard when you come to the very end of the roll, making that last six inches or so impossible to peel off and use. That is not only frustrating to consumers, but wasteful too. 

Wax-Coated Cardboard Cores

Wax-coated cardboard cores are much better for clear films. When consumers get to the end of the roll, the wax coating helps the remaining film release from the roll. The whole of the roll of film is used, and the customer is content. However, the wax coating does make recycling these cores almost impossible, which earth-conscious consumers are not happy about.

Plastic Cores

Finally, there are the plastic cores. These cores are made of a lightweight yet durable plastic. They are thinner than their cardboard counterparts, and because they are smooth plastic, they require no wax to release the remaining few inches of cling wrap. Better still, they are completely recyclable, which makes the earth-conscious consumers quite happy. The only downside to using plastic cores is that they are more costly than using cardboard cores. 

Choosing and Ordering Your Film Cores

There is always the question of price when it comes to packaging consumer products. That is understandable, but with each of these core types, you have benefits and drawbacks. Your stand on social or environmental issues may be in question, or your willingness to go green might offend the financially disadvantaged and thrifty. It is a tough decision to make, but ultimately you have to choose what is best to provide your consumers with the most value for the film products they buy.

That said, once you make your choice about which film core type to use, you can order as many as you like. You can also set the order to "auto-purchase" so that you get "x" number of cores shipped automatically every "x" number of days. Your personal preference for the core type chosen does not change unless you change it online yourself.

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