Tips For Safe Storage And Use Of Residential Propane Gas

If your new home uses propane gas for cooking and heating, then it is important that you know how to safely use and store it. While propane gas is stored in secure tanks and is relatively innocuous for residential use, problems do arise from time to time. By knowing how to determine there is a problem with your home's propane system and taking action quickly to rectify it, you can safely store and use propane gas in your home. To this end, here are some tips for you to follow:

Tip: Know that Propane Collects in Low Areas and Can Explode

Propane gas will collect in certain areas of your home if it leaks. Propane gas is heavier than air and will collect near the surface in lower lying areas. For example, if you live in a two story home and have a propane leak, the majority of the propane gas will be found on the first floor, or in the basement if your house has one.

Collecting gas is highly flammable and dangerous if you inhale it. For these reasons, if you smell any gas in your home, you should immediately leave and call your local fire department. 

Tip: Educate Yourself About What Propane Gas Smells Like

Propane has a unique smell and you need to know what it smells like to stay safe in a leak situation. In its natural state, propane gas does not have any scent. For safety purposes, propane companies add a stinky, inert chemical to the liquid propane to create the nasty odor you smell when it is leaking. If you are not familiar with the smell of propane, ask your gas delivery person to let you smell the gas next time your tank is filled.   

Tip: Turn Off the Gas Line if You Smell a Leak

If you smell a gas leak, then you should immediately shut off the gas line's emergency shut-off valve. Stay out of any areas where you smell gas until your utility company or emergency personnel can determine where the leak is and fix it. 

Tip: Stay Away from Your Outdoor Propane Tank

Finally, if your propane tank sits outdoors in your yard, then you need to keep people and pets away from it. If you have dogs in the yard, then you should install a fence around the propane tank to protect it. If you have children, teach them to stay off of the propane tank and educate them that it is not a play toy.

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