Cast Urethane Parts

Cast urethane parts have special advantages over the conventional elastomers. They are produced through the polyurethane casting procedure. This is a resin casting manufacture procedure employed in casting urethane parts. The process uses provisional polymer molds that are formed from a master prototype. This process is very convenient when the production process is not very suited for brisk prototyping. Urethane is utilized for this procedure as it is very cost effective and offers a wide variety for toning the product mechanical features. Drift angles and under chippings are normally manufactured because of the elasticity of the cast. The casts are utilized for fabrication of the urethane parts and are normally manufactured from the Room Temperature Vulcanization silicone type of rubber. The chief universal procedure of fabricating the master pattern is called the Stereo lithography. This is a process in which UV-curable photopolymer resin in combination with a UV laser is used in the manufacture of the 3D products. Other similar procedures that can be used as an alternative for the Stereo lithography process are the selective laser sintering and Polyjet 3D resin printing. Coloring of the urethane parts is done by pouring dye to the mold in the prior step of the manufacturing process or simply by painting the parts at the end of the procedure.

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